Tiled Walk in Shower Designs

Your walk in closet will look gorgeous with carefully chosen tiles to decorate your walls and flooring. Tiles are perfect options since they come in various designs, colors and styles. They also very durable against moist and water that you do not need extra maintenance to keep them well attained. With all of these benefits of tiles, it is now easy for you to get the best tiled walk in shower designs if you follow some of these basic rules.

Tiled Walk in Shower Designs

Tiles in your bathroom need to be chosen based on both its function and its style. In this term, function always comes first. When we are talking about bathroom tiles, we are thinking about tiles which are both safe and durable against moist and water. In this term, some materials such as ceramics and stones are perfect for the flooring since they are made to have grips on your footing. More various kinds of materials can be used for your walls such as mirror, ceramics, stones, etc. when you have ensured its safety and durability. You can start to think about the style to go with your tiled walk in shower designs.

Tiles can be arranged in various kinds of ways in tiled walk in shower designs. Patterns such as checkerboard pattern, crisscross pattern, brickwork design, basket weave pattern mini grid pattern and other designs which give out a unique look in your design are available for you. You just need to remember that each pattern has its own effect to your walk in shower. Heavy and busy patterns with various colors involved in it will make your shower seem smaller. Creating borders with bolder colored tiles is perfect for a sleek model.

Tiled Walk in Shower Ideas

Color and materials is the next in choosing the right tiles for your tiled walk in shower designs. A monochromatic color theme is perfect if you want to have a sleek and elegant bigger looking shower. Try to choose gray, cream, or to her neutral color for an elegant look. You can give some accents on your shower tile by having lines of bolder colors for accessories. If you want a more modern look in your shower, combination of bold colors will do as well but you need to consider the color effect to your shower.

Ceramic Tiled Walk in Shower Designs

Combined materials such as pebbles, glass, or woods can be done also for a unique look in your shower. You can set pebbles on your border area on the wall or some sides of your shower floor. If you want to have wood on your tiled walk in shower designs, stain them well to protect them form wet. Glass is perfect as shower door or barrier, use frosted glass instead.

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