Bamboo bathroom furniture is an eco friendly investment

If you want to save the environment in your own way then bamboo bathroom furniture is for you. Bamboo not only makes your bathroom look great with its fresh and natural appeal, it is also extremely hardy and sustainable. You can have entire bamboo bathroom furniture sets or you can have bamboo accents all over the bathroom, contrasted and accessorized with other natural material accents.

bamboo bathroom furniture

First up – know where to get your bamboo bathroom furniture. The best place would be online – go to websites that tout eco friendly accessories and furniture and you are sure to find beautiful bathroom furniture there. Not only that, you can buy this furniture online at fabulous prices and avail of significant discounts which enable you to save your hard earned money and contribute towards saving the environment – all at once! You can also visit stores that stock bathroom furniture and ask for the bamboo variant as opposed to wood or metal. If all fails, you can get it customized by entrepreneurs  – who you can look for on social networking sites; there are many individuals who are doing their best to come up with natural and sustainable eco friendly alternatives and bamboo is a material they love to work with.

bamboo bathroom furniture 1

Bamboo bathroom furniture will also come cheap as its manufacturing cost is not as high as other wood or metal fixtures. Do be very careful though as bamboo tends to be slippery  – something you can remedy by placing bath mats strategically in front of the shower or at the entrance of the bathroom door. You can also invest in bamboo bath mats as an interesting alternative to cloth mats. What is more, next to being durable, eco friendly and budget appropriate, bamboo bathroom furniture also looks extremely stylish and elegant. You can buy a bamboo bathroom cabinet or a bathroom accessories caddy; a bamboo square toilet roll storage unit, bamboo toilet brush holders, and also bamboo bath accessory bridges to store your bathroom essentials. Incorporate bamboo into all bathroom accessories – not just bathroom furniture by buying  bamboo loofahs and bamboo headbands to keep your hair away from your face as you bathe. You can also have a bamboo frame constructed for your bathtub, or washbasin, or even create an entire bathroom vanity out of this sturdy, grass like plant. Your floor can also be tiled with bamboo for an incredibly natural effect. All this can be bought at a price that is half of wood or other bathroom furniture material – so it is the best bet for those on a budget. However, do remember that like all hardwood, bamboo is also susceptible to humidity and floors must be kept bone dry.

bamboo bathroom furniture 2

You can color bamboo into darker shades or leave it in its natural avatar to suit your bathroom decor. Maintaining bamboo bathroom furniture is very easy as it is durable and can withstand daily use. A polish with specially formulated ingredients can restore its natural shine and you can just wipe if dry daily after having a bath to keep it looking fresh. Look for other ways to accessorize your bathroom with bamboo and you will be able to bring the freshness of a natural environment into your bathroom.

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