Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Boys will then grow up to be men. As they are getting older and more mature, their taste and preference for their room will also change. Adults tend to be simpler and prefer a more elegant and sleek designs which accentuate their masculinity while women are tend to be too elaborated and highly intricate. If you are about to design a bedroom for your man, here are some bedroom design ideas for men for your reference.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Men

Men are all about masculinity. Masculine color tone such as dark blue, dark grey, green or back is the best options for bedroom design ideas for men. Apply them on the walls and make sure that you put them as plain as possible without any patterns or wallpaper. If you are afraid if the room is getting dark, you can enlighten it again with lighting or choice of bedding.

Simple and sleek furniture with dark paint or finish is the best for bedroom design ideas for men. Chrome or metal furniture can be an option too if the men prefer a more modern looking room. You just need to remember to keep the unity of the room by buying one set furniture with the same materials, colors and design or different furniture with the same materials or color theme. Avoid curvy and elaborate furniture which represents feminity. Simple and sharp edged is the best.

If you choose a bed, a king size bed will be best for men to accommodate their height. Decide simple linen or cotton as the bed sheet. You do not need elaborate frills or bedcover for your bedding. Select simple cloth with plain color such as white or crème on it. Avoid patterns unless it only covers some parts of it and in a simple lined or striped design. As for the windows treatments, choose a simple curtain without valances or blinds will be perfect for your bedroom design ideas for men. If you have darker room, choose sheer materials to let the light in.

Masculinity can be represented through the accessories. Paintings can be one of the options. some men prefer abstract painting but some other men prefer natural or portrait painting. Put only one or two painting on the wall as the focal point in your bedroom design ideas for men. Do not clutter your walls with unnecessary decorations. Some statues or other artworks can be displayed also if it is necessary.

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Unity is the key for bedroom design ideas for men. Try to find a theme which suits the men you want to decorate the room for and use it as your guideline in deciding the design.

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