Bedroom Designs Ideas for Couples

Balance and harmony are the two adjective which should come out of a couple bedroom. A couple bedroom does not need to be romantic and girly, creating a more neutral tone for your couple bedroom will be much perfect. And when bedroom is involved in the discussion, comfort becomes paramount that you need to shed aside of your working time. Here are some bedroom designs for couples ideas that can help you in deciding the best design for bedroom designs for couple.

Cute Bedroom Designs for Couples

Bed is the most important furniture in a bedroom. A bed should be carefully chosen for both its functionality and space availability. Style and models come later. Choose a big enough bed which can accommodate both of you without making your bedroom seems smaller and hinder your movement in it. A nice king bed will be perfect for both of you if you have a big room, but if you have smaller room, you can opt to have a queen size bed which will not overcrowd your bedroom designs for couple.

Simple Bedroom Designs for Couples

Additional furniture such as a vanity, a dresser, a drawers and a closet should be well considered to accommodate both the wife and the husband’s preferences. Instead of having a too male and too female bedroom designs for couple, you better have neutral style furniture which suits both couple’s taste. Opt to have stained wooden furniture instead of having painted ones. Wooden furniture is more neutral and can be matched with any kinds of designs you want for your bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom Designs for Couples

Add the romance in your bedroom designs for couple by implementing a nice ambient lighting system. Lighting is essential in creating the mood you want in your couple bedroom. Since a couple bedroom should be the place where you can relax and enjoy the togetherness, a nice dimly lit ambient lighting and track lighting will suffice the need. Instead of having a bright general lighting in the centre, you can have bedside table lamps or a corner standing lamp in interesting design. If you want to add more romance in the room, you can have candles with aroma therapy function in your bed.

Bedroom Designs for Couples

Choosing the right color can be quite problematic since both have different opinion when we talking about bedroom designs for couple. Opt to have sun kissed tones or green veggies that are extremely calm and also serene, rappel and orange are ideal for passionate bedrooms. Choose linens and bed covers in such a way that it represents the mood you want. Pink and red are perfect for passionate night and neutral white with cream bedcovers are perfect for regular night.

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