Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

A false ceiling is a drop down ceiling which is commonly set above the bedroom to give out an elegant and unique look to it. A false ceiling is gaining its popularity since it gives you different experience whenever you open your eyes in the morning as well as when you about to close your eyes at night. A nicely designed false ceiling will give your bedroom an outstanding look of rooms in luxurious hotels. Pay attention on these bedroom false ceiling designs below as your references.

Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

Creating a bedroom false ceiling designs means considering on your room’s height. A drop down ceiling will be perfect with a high ceiling above your bed. A low ceiling will make your room seems stout and uncomfortable. The ceiling will disturb you to when it is not well arranged. You can solve it by adjusting the height of your ceiling and the extent of your dropping ceiling. If you insist on having a false ceiling despite your ceiling’s height, you might only be able to create a shallow false ceiling to avoid your room looking stout. You must consider the color option so it adds the high effect also.

Master Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

A false ceiling can be decorated in modern or classical models. When we are talking about a modern bedroom false ceiling designs the materials which you can use in it are limitless. You can have fabrics, gypsum, and plastic even metal to your ceiling. For more classical models, you can consider having woods or gypsum for your ceiling. Whatever choice you finally have, better consider on the simplicity and practicality of it. A highly intricate false ceiling will be too much since it will make you dizzy when you wake up in the morning. Choose monochrome color so it will not wear your eyes whenever you look at it.

Latest Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

Modern Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

Try to add lightings on your bedroom false ceiling designs for added ambient effect. Decorative lighting in various colors and styles in LED models will be perfect. Choose to have a nice and dim ambient lighting instead of brighter ones. Dimmer lighting will you serene atmosphere when you are sleeping as well as giving out a nice vibe to your room decoration. A chandelier or ambient pendant lighting can be added to your false ceiling as long as it does not hit your head when you set it too low. Adjust the cover of the lighting with your requirement lighted area and height.

Do some experiment and browse for some more bedroom false ceiling designs in the net to help you in getting the best.

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