Doorless Shower Ideas

Walk In Doorless Shower Designs

For those who do not like the complication of bathroom showers with a glass door, you can always have a door less shower bathroom. This kind of bathroom shower will give you more options in making your small bathroom space seem bigger and give easier access to your shower area as a bonus. Despite its practicality, some people still confuse in choosing the right doorless shower. If this happens to you too, here are some doorless shower ideas for your inspirations.

Doorless Shower Design Ideas

Since doorless walk in shower designs are common for people with mobility issues, you have to make it bigger to accommodate an assistant inside or a wheel chair to be able to get in. Try to make easier access for your doorless shower ideas by creating an alley on the way to the shower. Make sure that the floor is flush and in the same level and materials with the enclosure to make it easier for whoever enters it.

Create a small counter for resting area in the shower to make it easier for people with mobility issues to rest in your doorless shower ideas. A small wall niche at a convenient height above the bench can be used as storage system, for washing and towel bars is also possible. Hinge the top to give enough gaps to store soaps and other bathroom appliances while showering. Do not forget to seal it with water proof seal to make sure that it will last longer against the muddy and wet condition.

Bathroom Doorless Shower Ideas

Doorless Walk In Shower Ideas

Install a big rainwater shower head on one wall or on the ceiling to make it easier for whoever uses the bathroom to get thorough spray of water despite their position in the bathroom.  If you feel like you need all over body massage, you can install a hand held shower wand or multiple jets in your doorless shower ideas.

Doorless Shower Ideas

As for the design, you better apply uniform tiles in your doorless shower ideas. Since it has no doors which will keep the warmth and steams inside the shower area, this kind of bathroom can be chilly easily. Try to incorporate enough light to make it warmer. Do not forget to use tile materials which are non slippery to prevent any occurring accidents.

Walk Doorless Shower Ideas

Creating a unity of design with the same tile design and model is okay, but if your want a variation, you can always have different tile to accentuate some area or make a lining on it. There are thousands of doorless shower ideas around. But to make the best design it is better to get advice from professionals if you have some problems later.

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