Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Halloween party is perfect to celebrate the night of the dead. Having a dull party with dull decorations will be a disaster for the festivities. Set your party into a scary party of the death by applying some of these Halloween party decoration ideas below and make your party to be the blast of the year!

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

The first thing to do to prepare your hilarious Halloween party decoration ideas is by getting a nice setting. Paint your wall with black to represent the night. Dim your lighting into some small candle light lighting in the corners or a spooky chandelier on the ceiling. Spread cobwebs on your ceiling and corners of your wall. Add draperies of tattered cloth in washed out color and spread fake blood on it. Let them hang hapzhardly on the ceiling to create shadowy areas in your room.

Halloween Food Decoration

The next is changing your food and its utensils into halloween themed ones for your Halloween party decoration ideas. Try to change the shape of cookies into halloween themed shape such as bats, pumpkins, haunted houses, spiders, and other creepy shapes. Choose to have dar color cookies than light colored ones. Change your glasses into old cups with chipped edges or plates in black color with chipped edges as well. Color your punch into blood red color instead of orange. Have some body parts candies as your additional creepy food.

Halloween Party Accessories

Make your Halloween party decoration ideas more creepy by adding creepy sound effect such as creaming lady, crying baby, howling sound, grumble, etc. Change the song options into creepy halloween song theme t give out the spooky atmosphere.

Add some tombstone in replace of your seats. Cover the seating of your chairs with black cloth and write down RIP on each of the seating. Set the table with Halloween party decoration ideas such as pumpkin candles, skull tissue holder and skull shaped accessories on the table. Choose black and orange as the napkin color. Add artificial fog to add the spookiness of the atmosphere.

DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Hang some ghost figurines on the corner of your room. Stick 3D spooky figures on the wall and don’t forget to make use the available space for the Halloween party decoration ideas. Remember that the main thing about a halloween deoation party is the atmosphere. Dim the light and accentuate the creepy decorations with some track lighting or glow stick.

Do not clutter your party area too much since comfort is still the most important factor in Halloween party decoration ideas. Do not let the decorations block your guests way. Arrange them neatly.

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