Chinese bedroom furniture for an oriental bedroom

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Chinese bedroom furniture has many aspects to it – in ancient China, the bed, for example, was not only meant to be the receptacle  of a sleeping body, but was a space used for entertaining guests. Therefore, the mechanisms of authentic Chinese furniture is designed to allow the mattress to be folded and tucked into a head board and the wood underneath used as a seating area for tea taking. For the Chinese, drinking tea is a ritual that is meant to be revered and is so important that it is scheduled and carried out with much fanfare and as such, all furniture, including the ones in the bedroom are extremely versatile.

chinese bedroom furniture

If you wish to do up your bedroom in the Oriental style and transform a practical and utilitarian space into a luxurious and opulent room fit for a king ( or a queen) then look no further than Chinese bedroom furniture. There are many design options available and one can choose from tasteful and sober decor to outright extravagance. The bed is usually the focus of  a bedroom and a Chinese style bed would differ from the usual Western design and ideas but will nevertheless take your breath away. Antique Chinese beds, called Ci-Xi and Ning-Bo beds have beautiful and ornate wooden canopies which enclose the structure almost entirely. Separate your bedroom like the Chinese do with beautifully filigreed screens and then place your Chinese style bed behind one and then decorate the room in gold and red motifs for a complete Oriental look that is sure to wow your guests and yourself!

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Traditional Chinese motifs include inlaying headboards and posts with exquisite mother-of-pearl accents, calligraphy on wood and Chinese symbols for love, freedom, luck and warmth. A full wooden canopied Chinese bed will look like a room in itself and it would do justice to upholster it with beautiful soft cotton sheets and decorative embroidered pillowcases for the ultimate in luxury bedding. Do remember that your mattress must be a hard mattress for authenticity – the Chinese believe that hard mattresses are not only good for your back, but for overall good health.

Complete the look by adding Chinese accents to the rest of the room – buy Chinese design tables, drawers, dressers and other bedroom furniture. Typically, they will have Chinese figures of women, leaves and other motifs popular in China on them. There are different and varied designs according to Chinese history and dynasty and you can choose what suits you best.

chinese bedroom furniture 2

Go online for the best deals and discounts when buying Chinese bedroom furniture. Because this is a specific style and make, you might not find them very easily in furniture stores, though there will be a few furniture boutiques which sell themed furniture. However, online you will find more options and even if there aren’t any Chinese style furniture available in your area you can still buy them from locations different to yours. You can browse through different catalogs before settling on the furniture design of your choice and you can compare prices as well.

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