Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A regular bathroom will not spark our interest when it is plain and dull. More modern bathroom comes in harsh and cold lines which make you less comfortable in enjoying your daily warm bath. If you feel like you are bored with your dull bathroom, here are some tips on country bathroom decorating ideas. Your dream country bathroom will come true too soon.

Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Country bathroom decorating ideas vary from a more romantic French style and a more traditional rustic farmhouse style. Decide on which one you want to have for your country bathroom. Consider about the rest of your house’s decorations and style so your bathroom will not seem out of place compared with the other room. A romantic French style gives you an elegant and classic look with bright and cheerful colors while farmhouse country bathroom gives you warmth in earthy tone and farmhouse feel.

Country Bathroom Design Ideas

The first thing about country bathroom decorating ideas is choosing the right appliances to go with your bathroom idea. You should choose rustic and traditional looking appliances to go with your rustic house also. Choosing marble sink instead of white or metal sink can be a start to create a country living. Try to opt for bronze or black faucets and knobs in intricate farmhouse or country style in the stores to math the whole ideas. Instead of having a build in bath, you can have a free standing bath in classic style such as wooden bath and marble bath.

Country Bathroom Ideas 2012

If you opt for a more romantic style, you might want to choose French country bathroom decorating ideas. In this term, consider to have sleek granite or sleek black stone sink and black or bronze faucets and knobs in intricate design. You might need to paint your wall with pastel colors such as pale pink, blue, lavender or cream. Remember to add intricately designed borders in white or golden colors for a more luxurious look.

Country Bathroom Ideas

Whatever choice you have for your country bathroom decorating ideas, you better supply it with proper accessories. Vanity in both country and French style country bathroom is both intricately decorated with borders of painted flowers or domestic animals. Country bathroom might use darker stained materials while French style might tend to have brighter white painted wood. Add accessories such as baskets or woven cups to keep your bathroom necessities and brushes. Supply it with soft patterned floral curtains with bronze or wooden holders.

Whatever country bathroom decorating ideas you choose, you better check for more ideas on the net to help you.

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