Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

When we are talking about a country cottage, the things that cross our mind will be rustic, comfortable and homey. A cottage design indeed has those qualities to uphold. That is why it is perfect for those who want to retreat to the cozy confines of the old times and homey atmosphere from the harsh and cold modern life. If you are on of those who appreciate togetherness and dynamic bonding family time in a cozy and comfy house, apply some of these country cottage decorating ideas as your references.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas Home

Start by setting up the idea for the color theme first. Country cottage decorating ideas do not have affix rule in colors, but it still has some guide lines to follow. A country cottage design  is closely related to neutral and soothing colors such as light cream, light blue, washed out, light and pale yellow, teal, washed out green etc. Pastel colors work well with the rustic and nostalgic look required in country cottage decorating ideas. Opt to have light blue, white, for a beach house feel, yellow and orange for Mediterranean cottage style and floral, pink and green for English style. Choose to have brighter washed out tone, never the bold one.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas Living Room

Furniture should be carefully chosen that it represents the old time sake. Choose wooden furniture or iron furniture which seems dated back from the old times to create a rustic color tone in your design. Distressed furniture whether it is painted or stained works well with the rustic walls you have in your country cottage decorating ideas. If you want to go for a more vintage looking room, you can try to have patterns on your chair. Old floral patterns which represent English summer are perfect for your English cottage design. Curvy furniture is welcomed in this kind of design.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Fabrics are better from wide varieties of cheerful patterns. Tartan, flowers, checks, gingham or stripes are welcomed in this design. The brighter and more cheerful the better it is to lessen the heavy mood of your distressed furniture. Use sheer and bright colored curtains in the summer and intricate velvet curtains for winter. Add some accents such as laces, frills, or drapes on your design for added chick in your country cottage decorating ideas. Instead of using a boring curtain or blinds, try to have valances, pelmets, swags and tails, drapes and tie-backs to accessorize your curtains. The same rules go with your upholstery and cushions or duvets.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas Bedroom

Accessories in china with rustic and classic look and design are perfect for country cottage decorating ideas. Display them on open shelving or glass door cabinets.  Find them on line or in the flea markets or antique stores.

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