Exotic Floating Candles for Pool Tricks

Despite its 2000 years old discoveries, candles are not only a source of lighting anymore. Candles started to be used as decoration not until the 20th century after scented candles was invented in China in 9 AD. They start to be used as decoration elements in a house and commonly placed in traditional tables or chandeliers. Nowadays, floated candles are commonly used to decorate pool and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in gardens. If you plan to have one, here some floating candles for pool ideas for you.

Floating Candles for Pool Ideas

Buy the right floating candles for pool ideas. Choose the ones with enough diameters to go with the candles. The bigger the candles, the longer it will last during the occasion. Five inches is usually the minimum diameter for a floating pool candle. Some pool candles have recessed wicks which will stand against the wind during the night. Select the ones which are specially designed for fresh water. You can get the information on the label or consult the professionals.

Floating Candles for Pool Cheap

Remember to have a base to hold each candles above the water when you are about to put the candles on you pool. You can choose various kinds of bases in whatever models or design that you want. Keep in mind that you should buy the plastic ones instead of the glass ones to avoid glass shards in your pool area. There are so many designs of floating candles for pool ideas some even in the form of flowers, stars or regular ones. Choose the ones which suit the design you want and match it with matching base to add its beauty.

Floating Candles for Pool Party

Make sure that you switch off the filtration system so the floating candles do not move randomly by the wind before you put the candles on to the water. You can cover your skimmer in order to prevent the burning candles to enter it at times. You can make your floating candles for pool ideas drift slower by installing weights to hold them up. You can make it from a small pebble or other small objects which you can hang underneath the base. Remember to pre light the candles before you sail them on to the water to make the flare even from one candle to the others.

Floating Candles for Pool Wedding

Your floating candles for pool ideas are from flammable materials which is very dangerous for children. Keep them away from your kids or pets and keep an eye on them to make sure that nothing bad happens. If some wax remains in mum floaters, pour the residues with a piece of a kitchen towel.

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