French Door Curtain Ideas For Your Home

French Doors Curtain Ideas, are a Beautiful Addition to Your Home!

A French door is like having a luxury within your home. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, it can also allow a fantastic view from inside your home. The French doors glass panels, provide a great source of natural light, and an easy way to observe your yard areas.  Below are some French Door Curtain Ideas For Your Home, we hope this post inspires your creativity and imagination.

However, despite the fact that you can have all of the needed brightness and natural light provided by the sun, sometimes, it’s too much sun, and it’s just too bright, and sometimes privacy becomes an issue as well. Especially if the doors are in you bedroom area.

You can always solve the problem with the right window coverings for french doors.  If you are considering your options on which type of  panels to choose, here are some photo’s that can help your creative juices to flow.  Look at the French door curtain ideas below:

French Door Curtains

The first thing that you can do while choosing the right French door curtains for your home, is to choose the right type of window treatments for your doors.  Basically, most curtain types go well with your doors.  The most important consideration you need to consider is, your furniture and your home’s style.

Questions you might ask yourself could be like:

Do want to use fabric or wood as your window treatment for doors?

Do you want to create a point of significant interest or do you want the door coverings to just blend into the other decor of the room?

The most common option for French door treatment is curtains that are some color of white so that they will diffuse the natural light coming into the room but not totally block it, and they will obscure the view from the outside somewhat. Curtains with drapes and valances for accent are quite acceptable.

Adjust the length and size to your liking.  Remember, you can always have your window covering made to order.  Make sure that you measure the size well before going to the store to avoid mistakes.

“If adding window blinds to French doors has you stymied, just think of the doors as windows, you’ll be surprised how much that helps.”

French Door Curtain Patterns

Recently, I have gotten quite excited by the new innovations in curtains and window coverings.  In my home we have a sunroom that has been converted into our living room and family room.  We have major windows on three of the exterior walls with two sets of large doors going out onto the deck areas.  The views from these windows and doors is quite phenomenal.  These windows face East, South, and West. During the summer months the sunlight, while beautiful, is exceedingly warm and much to bright for comfortable use of this space during the height of the day.  There are some new “Smart Curtain” types that I am looking into.  They will do everything for us to keep the room in it’s best possible condition for our comfort and use needs.  As I get further along in the project I will report back on the progress.

Color choice comes next for your window treatments for doors and windows.  Deciding the right color that blends well with the rest of your furniture and decorating theme, and also diffuses the light adequately is a daunting challenge. You can choose calm and neutral colors such as blue, crème, brown or even red, in a paler shade, for French curtains.

A few options are:

Window Blinds

Blinds For French Doors

Blinds can work on French doors.  There are many types and different qualities of vinyl, metal, wood or faux wood blinds that may work well.  A solution of how to manage the blinds around the door handles might be to only cover the glass area and a small fraction of the door frame itself.

Custom Blinds for French Doors

Of course this decor would look best in a room where the other window coverings are also similar types of blinds. If you use this treatment be sure to Secure the blinds at the bottom to keep them from rattling against or causing damage to your doors.

Strip Curtains For French Doors

Strip Curtains Could Be Just the Ticket

With all of the new innovations in Strip Curtains, they could be just the right style for your home. Strip curtains are easy to install and look simply gorgeous when done right.  These, of necessity, would need to hang above the doors so they can hang without causing a problem with the door hardware. These types of curtains can gather either left or right, depending on your particular needs. They can also slide from the center so they can gather on either side of the doors and be completely out of the way.

When you pivot Strip Curtains to their center hanging position, they nearly disappear.  Your view is hardly impacted at all in this configuration.  By pivoting these curtains you can direct the light to where it is most advantageous for every occasion, and time of day.  These door blinds and shades also have smart technology that can be built in to turn the vanes as needed during the day even while you are away.  Amazingly, these strip curtains, depending on the style and quality you desire, can be very economical, and fall nicely into your window coverings budget.

Teal French Door Curtains Tied at the Center

Sheers Gathered and Tied

If you want an inexpensive option to filter light while adding daytime privacy to the doors, sheers could work best.  For a different look and to let more light in, you can create gathers and soft folds by mounting rods at both the bottom and top of the French doors and suspending the fabric between them, further enhancing your look, try ting a ribbon or a matching piece of fabric in the middle of the sheer or curtain.  This will create an hourglass shape that will look truly amazing, and be very budget friendly to boot.  Sheers come in all different styles and colors.

Cellular Shades For French Doors

Cellular Shades

One of the best options for room-darkening or light-filtering qualities, are cellular shades.  They can fit easily within the frames of the doors and won’t obstruct the handles. If you use an accordion style pleat, even in the down or up position, cellular shades will offer energy-efficiency and a budget friendly expense. There are multitudes of solid colors you can choose from and they can be installed in about an hour. Depending on your preferences, Cellular shades come in bottom-up or top-down options. Letting the sun shine in, is as simple as pulling the cord.


French Door Curtain Ideas

Hanging Curtains Over French Doors

The photo above shows how installing an ornamental traverse curtain rod above the doors can work very well in your home.  You will open your options significantly just by considering this alternative. You could pool the curtains at either side of the doors to create a rich, plush and sophisticated appearance.  I favor leaving a bit of space at the bottom so I can get to the dust bunnies easily and they don’t end up getting picked up by the curtains as they swish back and forth for opening and closing.

Drapes For French Doors

French Door Curtain Ideas Can Help!

The bottom line is that French Door Curtain Ideas may help you to imagine what you can do with your decorating theme in your home.  It has given me several new ideas about window treatments for all of my home’s windows and doors.

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