German Bathroom Design

A German bathroom is closely related to a minimal, functional and less is more design look. It usually includes free standing appliances with wide and cozy wide room which is perfect for relaxing moment in your bathroom. If you want to have a German bathroom in your house, check on these German bathroom design tricks to help you with it.

German Bathroom Designs

One of the most distinct characteristics of a German bathroom design is a free standing tub in the middle of your bathroom. German bathroom also has simple and compact sink and counter which mostly attached to the nearby walls so you have more space which you can use for other purpose in it. It usually has a big empty space which you can combine with other function such as a lounging space for you to have your loosen up moment.

Bright and spacious effect is also one of the important elements in German bathroom design ideas. Make use the natural ray of sunlight in your bath room by incorporating windows on it instead of closed walls. If you are worried about the privacy, you can always incorporate a waterproof blinds or choose stained glass for your windows. If you cannot have windows in your bathroom, you can always add more light in your lighting ideas. Bright and comfortable light will give your needed spacious look in your German bathroom.

Combined function is the next in German bathroom design. A German bathroom usually has multifunctional purposes both as bathing place and relaxing place. It usually has a small lounging chair where you can sit and have your soothing jiffy. If you feel like it, you can even add a bookshelf, TV set, or rug on your German bathroom to give a more multifunctional sense of your bathroom.

Choose the proper models of appliances to go with your desired German bathroom design theme. For more modern bathroom ideas, you can choose to have a modern contemporary tub for your design. Combine dark and bright colors in your design to give its needed sharp edges and sleek look. There are various modern designed sinks, faucets and tubs in stores for your option.

If you like more classical design, you can have a classical bath tub in the middle of your room. Classic white bath tub with legs and classic faucets and sink combined with classic mirror design will be perfect for your classic German bathroom design. Try to add a fire place cream colored classic couch, candles and classic accessories on your fireplace mantel for added classic touch.

German Bathroom Fixtures

German Bathroom Design

German Bathroom Ideas


Creativity is limitless in German bathroom design. Get more ideas on the net and magazines to spark your inspiration.

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