Granite Countertops with White Cabinets for Kitchen Ideas

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Designing a theme in your kitchen will not only add an aesthetic quality to the room, but will also make cooking and baking a more enjoyable hobby. Having white cabinets in the kitchen will brighten everything up and paired with darker colored granite countertops will add beautiful contrast. The color difference will give an enhanced feel of depth and add a faceted characteristic to your kitchen.


Neutral colored walls, backsplashes, and flooring will really make the white cabinets and granite countertops pop. Use textured elements like tile or vinyl to make the smoothness of your countertops and cabinets really stand out. Using dark colored hardware on the white cabinets will look very nice against the light background color.



Matching your appliances together will really add to the consistency of your kitchen’s theme. Use dark colors so that the appliances don’t blend in with the cabinets. Also, stainless steel appliances give a clean professional feel.


With so much light reflecting off of your white cabinets, you wont need a lot of overhead lighting.  Try adding some accented lighting under the cabinets, just above the granite countertops. Its also nice to have a single light above the sink area.


LEDs (light emitting diodes) are revolutionizing the way homeowners are lighting their kitchens.  Some of these lighting solutions can even be smartphone enabled! See what suits your needs over at


Your floor can stand out in a kitchen with all white cabinets. Try to make it an accent piece by picking a flooring that doesn’t match the cabinets or the granite countertops. Hardwood floors are perfect for standing out in a themed kitchen.


BambooFlooringBamboo flooring is very versatile and has a beautiful look. Not only is it a very dense strong wood, it grow at an incredible rate making it very eco-friendly. has some in stock right now.


If you don’t match anything else to your hardwood floor, it will naturally catch attention and become a conversation piece of it’s own. Try this with tile or vinyl flooring as well. Whatever your kitchen theme ends up being, white cabinets with granite countertops are always a classy starting point on which to elaborate your kitchen design ideas.

“The beauty of natural stone can enhance any kitchen environment. Slate, granite, marble and soapstone all have specific properties that may be more suitable for certain kitchen applications…”

—Fanelli, Anna M. “Five Ideas For Kitchen Countertops.” Forbes. April 10, 2014. Accessed April 17, 2014.

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