Japanese Pergola Design Ideas

Japanese oriental style with its unique curves and design is best to give your porch a nice and one of a kind look. Combining east and west in designs and decors are getting to be more and more popular with the more options available in the stores nearby us. Designs and style of traditional furniture are becoming more and more modern and leaving its dull design. Japanese pergola design is one of the most important and applicable element to be added to your house design. Here are some ideas as your references if you are interested in having one.

Japanese Pergola

Metal, wood or plastic are the most common basic material for Japanese pergola design due to their durability in outdoor use. As Japanese style is mostly traditional and oriental, to give this kind of look, wood becomes the most important material. Designs and color tone of the wood’s grain are the things that are need to be considered in choosing a Japanese pergola design. Bold tone and color redwoods such as cedar is best in the term of durability since they stand weather, rot, decay and insect infestations. Traditional Japanese design uses Zen to bring balance in this world, including you design.

Japanese Pergola Designs

Relaxation is the most important function of a Japanese pergola design. In this term, this kind of pergola is especially designed to give the needed leisure of the owner. Shades are created with open walls and shady roof with climbing plants or vines to give out a nice area to loosen up as well as beautiful and calming closer to nature look. An arbor with horizontal crossbeams supported by pillars and designed with open lattice work gives out the traditional feel of this pergola. A covered walkway or pavilion is commonly seen in here.

Japanese pergola design is located in the centre of the garden or nearby a house as the formal entrance of a garden or a focal point within. The flooring is mostly made of stone and wood to give the natural feel and seats and a table with planters are usually set as additional aesthetic values. Since outdoor lighting is important, you can have Japanese lanterns to give out a nice ambient lighting with enough light and not too much glaring. Tatami floor mats, Japanese screens, bamboo, azaleas are trimmer to highlight the Japanese style of it.

Japanese Pergola Design Plans

Whatever Japanese pergola design you have, pay attention on the arrangement of everything. You can ask a Zen master or Feng Shui master to give you advice on this.

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