Landscaping Designs for the Front Yard

Your front yard can be beautiful and offer a welcoming first impression to guests and passersby.  The front yard of your home is a great starting point for a home improvement makeover.  Whether you’re going for a simple lawn oriented yard, or a functional food generating garden-scape, there are plenty of front yard landscaping ideas to transform your bright idea into a green thumb masterpiece.


A large plush plot of grass can be useful for many things.  It makes a great play area for the kids or pets.  It can also make a great sitting area for a home picnic or to lie out and enjoy the nice weather.  Go the professional landscaping route or get your hands dirty and start a DIY lawn.


Keep that front yard pristine with regular lawn care and maintenance.  When spring comes around get the mower ready for blade sharpening and a tune up.


Mow when the grass is dry to ensure a healthy yard and an unclogged mower.  Make sure to mow about once a week and try not to cut off more than a third of the grass blade.  You should keep the grass length at about 3 inches.  Water on a regular basis and don’t forget to rake those leaves when fall rolls around.


If you need more color than just green, add some color with flowers.  Not only will flowers brighten up your front yard but they will also provide an outdoor hobbyist with an enjoyable pastime.  Start out simple and plant some rows at the foundation under windows.


Once you’ve tackled a foundation flower garden bed, try moving away from the house and plant along a walkway or driveway.  This will add an inviting appearance to your home and more diversity to the yard.


Move even farther away from the house and incorporate a curbside flowerbed.  This works especially well for hiding exposed tree roots.  A curbside flowerbed will add an appeal to the overall look of your home and can even increase property value.


Vegetable Garden

If you’d like to try a more functional approach, turn your yard into a beautiful food producing masterpiece.  Raised beds are great for conserving moisture and suppressing weed growth.  A raised bed also keeps soil from becoming compacted and prevents roots from becoming damaged.


Get the most out of your yard’s square footage by filling it with vegetable producing raised garden beds.  These front yard gardens are easily removable and you don’t have to use your native soil which may be inadequate for vegetable growth.  They a great conversation piece for interacting with your neighbors and guests.


If there’s no sidewalk in front of your home, maximize your growing potential and plant all the way to the curb.  Be sure and check regulations and contact your local HOA for prohibitions.


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