Living Room Design Ideas 2013

This 2013 is marked with a birth of a new spirit of freedom and hope. Warm and inviting colors are dominating all house designs in the world. They go for living room ideas as well.  If a living room design is what you are confused about all this time, you can always have these simple living room design ideas 2013 as you references.

Interior Design Ideas Living Room 2013

Warm and pastel colors come back again as the colors living room design ideas 2013. Colors such as cream, light blue, light green, light lavender, yellow or gray are perfect to go with any kinds of design you will have for your living room. Accent colors are chosen according to the choice of colors on your wall décor.  Find the darker accent colors if your wall colors are darker and brighter accents if your wall colors are darker. If you want a more classic look, you better have natural white which goes with any colors you desire

As for modern living room furniture, select a simple cut and comfortable couch with interesting glass or wooden coffee table both in bistro style or regular slab style. Choose simply cut sofas and coffee table for a more modern living room and intricate leather sofa or couch for a more traditional living room. Add some accents such as rugs or carpet to a warm and inviting feel in it. Prefer plain rugs for modern style, and patterned for a more traditional living room design ideas 2013 style.

Wall accessories come back in style again. As for living room design ideas 2013, you need to choose more abstract arts on your walls. Abstract is best fit for modern style living room. You can choose the ones with bold colors or the plainer ones. For a more classical style, you can have classic paintings on your wall to give a warm and luxurious feel of it. Statues in abstract are perfect for modern style while classic statues will do well for your traditional style.

Living Room Decorating Ideas 2013

Living Room Design Ideas 2013

Small Living Room Design Ideas 2013

Modern Living Room Design Ideas 2013

Another characteristic of living room design ideas 2013 is combined function. People are getting more open to let other people see what is beyond the living room. A living room is now adjoined with dining room, working office or entertainment room. A living room with a warm fireplace and TV sets are becoming trends for hanging out place. Home offices beside a living room are also familiar. Dining room is set in between kitchen and living room for a better and easier access. A library can be added side by side with the living room as another entertainment concept in living room design ideas 2012.

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