Military Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A military bedroom is a brilliant idea to bring out the manly sense in your bedroom. There are thousands of ideas in cool designs to bring out in your room without making it too much of a barrack. If you want to have a military bedroom, you better consider some of these military bedroom decorating ideas below as your references.

Military Room Decorating Ideas

Choose military colors for your room. Green and brown are the typical color for a military bedroom decorating ideas. Instead of having a bright green room, you better have a faded military green as your color tone. Add different shade of green for different walls to give make your room less boring. If you want to be more creative with you wall, you can paint additional touches with sponging of brown to give a military look in your room. Paint a mural in a military camouflage theme on one of your wall will be perfect.

Army Bedroom Decorating Ideas Boys

Start to have bunks with simple cutting and strong wood. A military bedroom decorating ideas is best when you have a simple single bed for your own. You just need to adjust the color of the bed with the rest of the room’s atmosphere. If you want to add military theme on your bed, you can paint the bed railings in military patterns and colors. Furniture such as tables, chairs and other trivia should be simple and sharp lined. Choose wooden or iron in simple design instead of a curvy intricate one. It will be better if you choose green as your color option.

Choose the right accessories. Accessories of a military bedroom decorating ideas should be boyish and not girly. Tanks, nets or climbing plants can be added in your military bedroom ideas. If you want it to be less harsh and battlefield like, you can add quotations or war themed posters instead such as Uncle Sam’s ever famous poster. Add the coat of arm of the country’s military system can be done by drawing a mural or just buy the plank at the stores.

Military Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When we are talking about military bedroom decorating ideas, we must consider the camouflage patterns of its uniform. The uniform of black and green are cool to be set on your bedding and bedcovers. If you want a more military look on your window, you can add a blind in bamboo for a more realistic room. Lighting should be chosen in such a way that it is not too bright for the eyes.

Whatever military bedroom decorating ideas you choose, be selective in choosing the material and adjust the design with your room size.

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