Modern Front Door Design Ideas

A front door is the gateway to your house which all of your guests will pass through. Instead of leaving it bare and dull, why don’t you start to decorate it so your guests will be much more interested in seeing the inside of your house instead of the outside? Here are some modern front door design ideas as your references in making one.

Modern Front Door Design Ideas

A nice modern front door design ideas comes from a nice and highly durable as well as beautiful material. If you are about to have a new front door, you would want it to be unbreakable and durable. You can start to consider both steel and iron as the base. As for the wood, you can always have teak, mahogany and cherry which are highly durable and have interesting patterns. If you want to have a more modern look on your front door, you can have metal or glass as your other option.

Modern Front Door Design

The next is deciding the model. A modern front door design ideas is related to the adjective of sleek, simple and elegant. Sleek design comes from the sharp edges and less curves needed in a modern design. Lines, squares and rectangles are the most common pattern in a modern design. Intricate decoration is a turn off for your modern front door design ideas. Let it bare and sleek. You can get the simple feature from the simple design it has. The interesting features lies on the various style of combining and matching mix materials in the door design such as wood and metal, wood and glass, wood and mirror etc. Another difference lies on the model of the opening whether it will be sliding or regular opening only.

Modern Wooden Front Door Designs

A front door is the front barrier of your house. You should make it as safe as possible. Modern front door design ideas are sometimes applied with automatic locking system which only allows the owner of the house to enter it. This kind of locking system is very popular in apartments lately. It works though the finger tips or sound identification of the owner. Sometimes it is also supplied with camera which allows you to see whoever comes to your house before letting them in.

Modern Main Door Design

Strong and tough is the characteristic of a modern front door design ideas. Even if you use combined materials for your door, you should consider its toughness. Make sure that it is thick enough that it cannot be broken from outside or inside. Since it has a very simple design and sleek, it seems rough without feminine ornate design on it.

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