Bunk Bed with Stairs

If you are required to be tricky in maximizing the limited space of your bedroom for two, a bunk bed can be your savior. Bunk beds are the perfect options for its practicality and safety. It is practical because it can save even more space than the regular bunk beds. It is safe because the railing prevents your kids from falling when they climb to the upper bunk. Bunk beds come in various designs and styles which enables you to adjust it to the kind of room design you require. If a bunk bed with stairs is your choice of bedding, please do use some of this information below.

White Bunk Bed Twin Over Full with Stairs

When you are about to choose your bunk bed with stairs, you have to consider the function first. Is it for teenagers or kids? Do you have bigger space or smaller space in the room? If you are buying it for your teenage daughter or sons, you better adjust the size with their body measurement. Remember that teenagers grow up pretty fast so you need to add extra space on the bed for them. As for kids, you are free to choose smaller bunk beds, but if you still want to use it when they are growing up to be teenagers, you can always have the bigger ones to save money.

Girls Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide

There are various sizes of bunk beds with stairs in the stores and various kinds of models. Instead of choosing a spacecraft bunk bed, you’d better opt to have a more neutral model. This will ensure you to be able to use it again even when your kids are already grown up. You just need to change the colors from bright, cheerful, and colorful to a nice elegant looking stained wood when they are grown up. Adding some colorful accessories and decorations will make the bed more fun.  Some cute stickers on it will give them precious memento to be remembered.

Bunk Bed with Stairs Twin Over Twin

Remember to pay attention with the safety requirements if you want to buy the bunk bed with stairs. Choose the ones with safety railings on both levels to prevent your kids from falling. Railing on both sides of the stairs is one of the best qualities of a bunk bed. Make sure that the stairs are on a perfect angle so it will be safer for your kids to climb. By installing a bunk bed in your kids’ room, they can have more space to hang out with their siblings and friends.

Always remember that girls prefer brighter color tone and boys prefer darker color tone, so pick your bunk bed with stairs designs accordingly.


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