Pink Bedrooms for Adults

Pink is the favorite for almost all female in the world, regardless their age, social status and preferences. When we are talking about a pink bedroom, we will think about a princess like romantic bedroom which sometimes is considered as childish for most people. Actually there are thousands of pink bedroom ideas which represent the life of adults around. If you are an adult and you want to create a classy pink bedroom, here are some of the best pink bedrooms for adults’ ideas as your references.

Pink Bedrooms for Adults

Start with choosing the right color scheme. A pink bedroom does not necessarily need all pink room decorations. Doing so will make your bedroom seems too much and not pleasing in the eyes. Try to have different color combinations instead. You can keep the wall color pink, but accentuate your furniture in black and white for example. Another brilliant idea is by applying different shades of pink to your pink bedrooms for adults. Paint your wall in different shades of pink. Choose the darkest pink for the headboard part of your wall for focal point. Different shades of pink in your bedroom will make it less boring and dull.

Pink Bedrooms Accessories for Adults

Pink bedroom requires pink furniture? That is not true. You can have different colors for furniture to give added variations in your design. Choose to have contrasting color such as bold stained wood, black or dark brown for your sleek and modern pink bedrooms for adults. If you want to have more traditional pink bedroom ideas, you can choose to have white glossy painted furniture in French style. If you choose white as your furniture, opt to have washed out pink or darker shade of pink for your wall to give the balance of colors.

Pink Bedrooms Ideas for Adults

Draperies can be in various kinds of colors and models. The most common color draperies for pink bedrooms for adults are pink and crème. They blend well and create a sweet combination. Use sheer white draperies as your inner curtain and pink colored outer curtain. Adjust the color with your room’s requirements. You can have darker pink curtain for accents, sleek modern design ones, or you can have patterned pink draperies for a more vintage or traditional look in your pink bedroom. Remember to choose plain or simple patterned curtain for adults.

Pink Rooms for Adults

Simplicity is the key of pink bedrooms for adults. You need to clear up your area to give up simple setting of adult pink bedroom. You can set some accessories, but you have to be minimalist, do not clutter your bedroom with unnecessary stuffs.

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