Polished nickel bathroom accessories to make your bathroom gleam

Polished nickel bathroom accessories – also referred to as ‘brushed’ nickel bathroom accessories  are the right investment if you want to remodel or decorate your bathroom in such a way as to make all the fixtures and fittings shine with amazing quality. Nickel is a fairly cheap element and can be mixed with more expensive metals such as gold or silver to make all kinds of things. Bathroom fixtures should always look clean and gleaming and thus, polished nickel bathroom accessories are a must for every home, especially the modern ones.

polished nickel bathroom accessories

This is a great investment because not only do polished nickel bathroom accessories come cheap, but they are easy to maintain and safe from wear and tear. It is extremely resistant to oxidation, which means that polished nickel bathroom accessories will not corrode or rust with time, even if they are exposed to a constantly moist and humid environment such as the one in a bathroom.

Where can you buy polished nickel bathroom accessories? Well, almost everywhere. Most homes come pre fitted with them, else, if you wish to buy, you only have to make a trip to your local hardware store or go online and search for them on sites which sell home decor accessories and home supplies. It may be that you can buy them at even cheaper prices if you manage to source them online. Polished nickel bathroom accessories are sought after by all those who want a fresh, spotlessly clean looking bathroom and there are many takers for these kinds of bathroom accessories.

polished nickel bathroom accessories 1

Polished nickel bathroom accessories can range from shower heads, taps, shower rods, hooks, magazine racks, towel bars, wall shelves, paper holders, c-folds, towel rings,  shower caddies – anything and everything that you can think of that pertains to bathroom fixtures can be got in polished nickel.

polished nickel bathroom accessories 2

Polished nickel bathroom accessories are popular choices for shower heads and faucets, as well as commode showers because they do not corrode or rust even with regular exposure to water. They are very easy to clean and keep gleaming as well – all you have to is to use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner meant for glass. Usually, polished nickel bathroom accessories do not require a lot of trouble to clean as the gleaming fixtures can withstand a lot of rough handling and do not react to chemical cleaners, if you are scrubbing your taps, then it is best to be gentle.  In the absence of any chemical cleaner at home, you can make a mixture of cornstarch, vinegar and water and use that to polish your bathroom accessories.  Before doing so, sprinkle them with a generous coat of baking soda. You can even pour vinegar over the soda, wait for the reaction and then scrub with a soft cloth. Rinse the spot with water that has been boiled and is very hot so that any residue is removed.  You can also dry polish your nickel bathroom accessories by rubbing it well with a soft cloth till any finger prints or streaks are removed.

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