Pop Roof Ceiling Design

Ceilings are always been abandoned my many homeowners. They tend to let it bare with no decorative accents at all. The fact is that a ceiling can add the attractiveness of your room if you can incorporate the right model and design for it. It can provide unusual illusions for different rooms and you better make use of it for your special use. If pop ceiling is your selection, here are some pop roof ceiling design ideas as your references.

Pop Roof Ceiling Designs

Pop roof ceiling design offers you a variety of styles since you can mold it into whatever you desire. Nowadays, many producers of pop ceiling offers various kinds of models for pop ceilings which range from the more modern and unique ones until the more intricate and classy traditional one. One thing that you need to do is adjusting the model. If your room is in a modern design, you better choose modern style pop ceiling combined with interesting modern lighting with sleek and straight lines. More traditional pop ceiling with intricate designs and curvy lines is best to go with your traditional room.

Check up on the desired effect in your room. If your room is small and short, you can have a dome style ceiling on your room. Combine the dome style ceiling with various designs or models in pop roof ceiling design. Leave a space on your ceiling and mold it to make a dome which can enhance the height of your room. To make it more interesting, you can add interesting lighting on it and paint it with brighter and bolder paint.

If you already have a high ceiling, you can have a tray ceiling on it. Decorate the frame of your tray ceiling with decorative designs of pop roof ceiling design. Do not overdo the linings on your frame since the main point of framing is just to give limit to the ceiling and accentuate its angular and lines. Choose darker colors for your frame decorations and add a nice chandelier in the middle of your ceiling for a dramatic look.

Pop Roof Ceiling Ideas

Ceiling medallions is another way to attract the attention of whoever comes to your room to the beautiful chandelier or lighting fixtures you have in your room. The designs are mostly intricate and perfect for a more traditional house but you are free to incorporate this style into your modern house with decorative pop roof ceiling design in less complicated patterns.

Glossy ceiling with glass ceiling and pop roof ceiling design with the right light is perfect for your modern house design. It will add the grandeur of your room as well as give an illusion of space and height.

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