Refinishing Old Kitchen Cabinets

Antique beauty lies in the authenticity of its materials and color or patterns in their natural form. If we put the word in to an antique or old kitchen cabinets, repainting it with completely different color will definitely kill the memories in the old cabinets. If you have an old cabinet to remodel, you better refinish it instead of throwing it away and nothing is left for you to remember your grandmother. Refinishing old kitchen cabinets is easy as long as you know the tricks.

Refinishing Old Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Do your refinishing old kitchen cabinets activity in a place with good ventilation to avoid the finish’s smell. The next is cleaning all of the contents of the cabinets and then strip them off.  If you feel troubled by stripping your cabinets, give them a good cleaning first and if you want to apply a clear varnish or polyurethane finish or stain previously painted cabinets, you will have to strip all the paint off the cabinets using strong chemicals, followed by sanding.

A large amount of alcohol and alkyd primers can be coated with latex paints, though you can stick it with an oil-based paint for an added long-lasting finish for your refinishing old kitchen cabinets. Use two coats of paint for absolute, level coverage. Tag along the direction of the wood particle. Let the furniture to parch between coats of paint. Make use of a soft brush to reduce brushstrokes. Wash down brushes and substitute the hardware on the furniture after it dries to evade scratching the fragile, newly painted exterior.

Remember that Oil based paints don’t leave brush strokes like latex paints do, but white tends to yellow over the years. Paint additives like Flotrol can reduce brush strokes in latex paints in your refinishing old kitchen cabinets. Oil & water don’t mix, so remember: oil based enamels can be painted over latex, but latex can not be painted over oil, as it will eventually peel. Read the label of the bonding agent carefully. Check to see if it will bond latex to oil. If you are re-varnishing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, consider a marine varnish which is more water repellent.

Refinishing Old Kitchen Cabinets

Old House Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for Refinishing Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you live near a home improvement center like Lowes or Home Depot, you might expect to be able to pick up last minute supplies on short notice, but time spent shopping will decrease productivity nonetheless for your refinishing old kitchen cabinets project. Browse for some more ideas on the net will help.

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