Shower Stall Design Ideas

A shower stall is the essence of a shower design in your bathroom. Creating a unique as well as comfortable shower stall is the dream of everyone. There are so many ideas around but you can refer to these shower stall design ideas below to get the best one which matches your taste.

Shower Stall Decorating Ideas

A modern shower stall is best with modern style tiles and showers. Instead of using wood benches as your resting area, you can have a small nook in the same tile patterns as your wall. For a modern look in your shower stall design ideas, you might want to incorporate mosaic tile in random contrasting colors for a dramatic look of it. A marble stall with glass door will be as wonderful and luxurious as your dream allow you to have. Always remember that the essence of a modern style design is sleek and shiny look.

For a more traditional one, you can have stones in your shower stall design ideas. Stone brings out natural look as well as rustic look in your stall if combined with classic shower head and rustic wooded bench. With this, who said that a shower should be modern all the time? Try to refer to wooden stall if you want a more authentic classic look in your shower stall. If you want to be more creative, you can choose to have soft rustic color such as cream with a spa color tone in your shower stall as well.

All glass can be your option s your shower stall design ideas. All see through clear class walls in your shower stall might not give you enough privacy but it sure gives out a sexy and elegant look in your bathroom design. Choose to have tube shape instead of regular box stall to make it more casual and elegant. If you want to have more private shower glass walls, you can have glass which is not see trough such as stained glass as your option. Use stained glass in half of your shower stall and clear glass in half. Try to paint your glass with interesting patterns will give out unique look in your shower stall design ideas.

Modern Shower Stall Design Ideas

Tile Shower Stall Design Ideas

Shower Stall Design Ideas

Outdoor shower stall design ideas give you unlimited ideas. You can have plants and rocks as your walls if you want a closer to nature atmosphere in your shower. Instead of using modern shower head, you can have stone or wooden installment of shower head instead. Let the water flow through the stones and wood.

There are thousands of shower stall design ideas around. Seek them out and apply it if it suits your taste.

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