Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

A nice and comfortable front porch, no matter how big the size is, is a luxury in its own way. Doing all of your favorite activities, such as reading books, watching the sun set, or having a nice afternoon tea with your beloved family, will be so much fun in a neatly arranged as well as relaxing porch. If you are quite unfortunate to have a small porch instead of the big one, do not be deterred. Use some of these small front porch decorating ideas below to make it into a bigger looking and comfortable porch which suits your preferences.

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

One thing that you should remember is that a small front porch decorating idea needs essential elements such as chairs for guests and a small table to set your coffee or books when you are reading. Keep the furniture and clutters the essentials only. If you feel like you need additional lounging chair or a rocking chair in the corner of your front porch, you may add it as long as it does not overcrowd your front porch area.

Small Front Porch Decorating

If opting for the essentials still does not work to make your small front porch decorating ideas looks and feels bigger, you might need to downsize your furniture and accessories. Downsizing means that you need to buy smaller furniture or appliances with the same function but in smaller size. Instead of having two fluffy armchairs, consider a simple wooden rattan chairs or smaller iron chairs painted white for a nice looking country or French style front porch. Instead of a heavy and big coffee table, you might want to revert on a small ottoman which has double function as rack and table.

Small Front Porch Design Ideas

When creating the atmosphere of your small front porch decorating ideas, you better try to have a closer to nature elements such as plants, flowers, eco friendly furniture such as woven laundry bucket. Choose plants which can live and crawl onto your porch posts to make the porch seem more natural. If you have a closed porch, you might want to consider having it curtains free so you still can see the beauty of your outdoor garden. If curtain is still necessary to block the sun light opt to have sheer light cloth so the sunlight still can seep though it.

Small Front Porch Design

Choosing the right color and accessories come as the not to be forgotten list of small front porch decorating ideas. Choose neutral colors such as white, cream and other lighter colors to make it seem bigger. Opt to have small rugs and leaving some spaces on the edges to the wall for a spacious look.

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