Small Patio Design Ideas

Having a small backyard does not mean that you have to give up your dazzling idea to have an outdoor hanging out space for your family. There are some magic tricks that you can use in changing your small back yard area into a bigger looking as well as comfy patio. Check up on these small patio design ideas below for your references.

Small Patio Design Ideas

First thing you need to do about small patio design ideas is to choose the right setting for your patio. You can start to incorporate more curves in your patio design. Curve edges will give out more spacious and softer look in your patio flooring rather than an uptight and fixed square or rectangular flooring. The bending area makes it seems that you have wider space outside of it.

Try to choose neutral colors if you are planning to have a concrete small patio design ideas. Neutral colors such as grey, cream, bright terracotta, or plain washed out yellow and other colors will be just fine to be combined with your patio design. Consider to have less color combination since more combinations will make your patio seems crowded and small. Decide on smooth and simple patterns according to the look that you want. Select abstract for modern patio and floral or decorative pattern for a more classical traditional patio.

Small Patio Garden Design Ideas

When we are talking about pattern, you better border your small patio design ideas. Instead of the patterned area in the middle to the edges of your patio, you better create a border and empty space surrounds it. A border will make your patio patterns seems neater and cleaner. This will add the spacious effect in your small patio design.

Small Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

When you are planning your landscaping, make sure that you give more space for your furniture than the planted area. Since the main function of your small patio design ideas is not the greenery but the space to hang out, the focus of your design should be it. Add some plants in pots or planter boxes around your lounging area. If you want, you can even leave it bare with one or two greenery for a more modern looking patio.

Small Concrete Patio Design Ideas

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Small Urban Patio Design Ideas

When you are choosing the furniture for your small patio design ideas, make sure that they can stand the weather well. Small chairs and small bistro table will do for a smaller patio. Decide on the amount of people who will stay in it and you can decide how big it is going to be and how many furniture needed.

No matter what small patio design ideas you like, refer to more tips and ideas around for better result.

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