Teak Patio Furniture Ideas

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If you’re in the market for new patio furniture, consider teak wood furniture.  Teak wood is a great choice for patio furniture for many reasons.  It is an extremely durable hard wood.  Teak naturally produces protective oils which makes it perfect for use in an outdoor environment.  These oils guard against UV light, extreme heat and cold, wind & water erosion, and pests.  Unlike aluminum patio furniture, teak patio furniture has an Earthy feel to it.  Also, it doesn’t conduct heat like metal patio furniture does, which means you can leave it exposed in the sun without worrying about getting burned when you sit down.

Patio-teak-dining-setThis beautiful outdoor teak patio dining set includes a 3-piece dining table and 6 chairs.  The table is adjustable featuring a removable center leaf and the chairs fold up for easy storage.  This particular set is sold through Amazon.com and it’s actually on sale right now!


Looking for just a table?  Get this Three Birds Teak Casual Canterbury 20 inch low round side table.

A complete teak outdoor patio furniture set is the perfect addition to any backyard patio.  Perfect for entertaining guests, an outdoor furniture set can become an enjoyable gathering area.  Use it for dining or just to lounge around.  Treating outdoor teak furniture is not required because of it’s natural oils.  Remember that the color of teak will change to a beautiful silver-gray naturally.  If you’d like to bring back the look of new teak, you’ll have to lightly scrub and clean the wood.

weathered-teak-furnture-setIf you let your teak furniture weather and you’ve decided that it doesn’t suit your style, there’s always the option to refinish it and seal it.  There is the option of also treating the teak furniture with a stain guard if your furniture is prone to being spilled on.

Teak-care-kitWant to bring back that original teak honey color?  Use some Starbrite teak oil.

These gorgeous teak outdoor dining sets come in various shapes and sizes.  You can also buy individual pieces and build up a set over time, or add to an existing set.  A good idea for changing up the scenery is to move your dining set out to the lawn.  The natural Earthy feel of an outdoor teak dining set looks great sitting on grass.

Large-teak-dining-setThis particular outdoor teak furniture set is perfect for an outdoor summertime dinner party.  With an extra long table and seating space for 12, you’re sure to have plenty of satisfied guests at your table.  This set is also available for order online over at Amazon.com, it’s on sale too!

Teak-captain-chairAlready have a table, but need more teak chairs? These grade-A teak wood luxurious stacking arm captain dining chairs are on sale for 43% off!


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