Tile Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Choosing the tiles for a bathroom is very important in any kinds of bathroom design since tile consume the most space in a bathroom design. You can be creative with your tile in such a way that it can give both safety and exceptional focal point for your bathroom design. Try to refer on these tile bathroom shower design ideas below to get the best bathroom design which will make your friends envious of you.

Bathroom Shower Stall Designs

Bathroom is a place which is always wet and damp. In this term, you should consider about the material of your tiles as your priority. Choose the ones which are water resistant for you tile bathroom shower design ideas. You can single out wood in this term since they cannot stand with moldy and moist atmosphere. Plain natural stone without stain or coating will be the growing bed for molds. Porous and callous surfaced tiles give you troubles when you clean it. Choose ceramic, glass, vinyl, or granite with sleek and smooth surface for your wall tiles and the ones which non slippery materials for the floors. Consult with professionals on the store to help you.


Popular Bathroom Tile Shower Designs

Tiles can be made up into interesting focal point by choosing the right design and set up for your tile bathroom shower design ideas. Arrange your ceramic tiles in such a way that it represents a pattern. You can do bordering or mosaic setting. Bordering can be done by setting up your darker patterned tiles as a frame to whatever focal point you want to enhance such as vanity, free standing sink or behind bath tub area.

Tile Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Mosaic tiles are gaining their popularity since you can design your choice of pattern in tile bathroom shower design ideas. Combine small square ceramic tiles in different shades of the same color randomly to give out contemporary look in your bathroom. Setting them up in such a way to create a pattern such as forms or silhouette will be perfect. You can even set some tiles in various bold colors on your wall behind the shower or bath tub for focal points. Always remember that the way you set it should blend with the theme of your shower.


Tile Bathroom Shower Designs

Nowadays, having a unique photograph or classic painting is possible to do in your tile bathroom shower design ideas. You do not need to worry about it being destroyed by the humid and wet condition of your bathroom since it is available in ceramic patterns. A mural like mosaic tiles with your won photograph, classic painting or posters are now can be custom made if you can find the source.

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