Vintage Ideas for Bedroom

When we are talking about vintage bedrooms the ideas are limitless. Almost every decade can be made into a certain vintage idea. Even a simple changing in draperies or choice of option can give you a complete different bedroom with a more vintage on it. Try to use these vintage ideas for bedroom as your references.

Vintage Ideas for Bedroom

Vintage ideas for bedroom should have a unified theme. You can choose it by time or by accessories theme. By year means that you will have a certain year as your main theme. If you want to have the 1970’s as your theme, for example, you would like to choose paler blue color on your wall, darker shade of blue curtains in flowery patterns on your window treatments, and iron brass bedding in classic white painted form for your bed. If you want to use accessories as your vintage theme, you just need to decide on which combination you want to use. Adding a simple bid oak door as your entrance can give the needed vintage look without making it too much.

Vintage Decorating Ideas for Bedroom

Creativity and bravery in creating new ideas are the most essential things in vintage ideas for bedroom. Try to think out of the box and check on the stuffs in your wares house. Vintage style requires you to get authentic antique stuffs to get the authenticity of it. In doing so, you might need to browse it in the net as well as hunt for secondhand stuffs at the flea markets. If you cannot find what you want in the stores, you can always make it by yourself. Find some ideas in making home made vintage accessories on the net for more help. Old briefcases can be well arranged into a unique drawers or even wall decorations by cutting the top edge only.

Teenage Bedroom Vintage Ideas

Talking about vintage ideas for bedroom, you might want to change your draperies and bedding into a more vintage look on it. Instead of having plain fabrics on your beddings, pillows and curtains, you can have patterned fabrics with laces to accentuate the vintage style in your bedroom. Patterns can be adjusted to the kinds of year you prefer. Daring bold patterns and colors are best for 1980’s while paler color with soft patterns is perfect for the 1970’s. Laces works well in any theme you want since it is applicable in every design.

Bedroom Vintage Ideas

Whatever vintage ideas for bedroom you have for your room make sure that you have let go all of your creativities on it. Do not hesitate in creating something new out of your wild ideas both in decorating and recycling.

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