Walk in Showers Design Ideas

A walk in showers can be an alternative for homeowners with limited space for bathroom. Its simple design and door less feature save space in the bathroom so it seems limitless. That is why this kind of design is gaining it popularity. Nowadays, you can have your own walking closet in your house by these simple walk in showers design ideas.

Walk in Showers Design Ideas

The first most luxurious walk in showers design ideas is door less shower. It does not take much space so it is perfect for your small bathroom. Shower room is designed without door so there is no barrier between the shower room and the rest of the bathroom. You can install a water barrier for your shower room if you want to keep the water flow inside the shower room. But if you want the water to flow naturally to the rest of your room, you can just let it be.

For a more luxurious looking walk in showers design ideas, you can choose too have either slate or marble as your walking shower tiles. Ornate slate can give your bathroom a classy style. It is definitely perfect for your Roman bathroom style. Marble is elegant and it is perfect for your gracious bathroom style. Try to blend it with art deco or classic formal elements for a seamless blending.

Doorless Walk in Showers Design Ideas

Of you want a rustic bathroom in your walk in showers design ideas, you can enclose the shower room with wooden cabin. The best material for the cabin is beech wood. To give the needed rustic feel in it, you can combine it with copper shower head. With this kind of setting you can have the feel of rustic and cozy sauna within your walk in shower design. It is also friendly in the term of budget so you do not need to worry about the cost.

If you opt for relaxing moment as the main function of your walk in showers design ideas, you can set up a spa theme in it. Spa themed walk in shower has several shower heads and are typically designed with neutral light colors to give clean and sleek look in your shower, this kind of shower is indeed pricey and sometimes made of high quality materials which guarantee its durability and class of design.

Bathroom Walk in Showers Design Ideas

Walk in showers design ideas are indeed practical but be careful in choosing the right tiles for it. You need to set the tiles which are water resistant and also easier to maintain. Remember that the water will spread all over the bathroom so you need to coat your ceramics to keep it from molds and mildew.

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