Wood Fences Design Ideas

A wood fence is a perfect option if you want to have nice and welcoming fence ideas. It is indeed closer to nature and it can enhance your cottage garden into another level. There are thousands of wood fences around, if you want to choose one for your garden and home, here are some wood fences design ideas to help you in making up your mind about it.

Wood Fences Design Ideas

Adjust your wood fences design ideas with your house style. If you have a traditional cottage style house or garden, a picket fence is your best option. It is very simple to install and gives out a friendly looking barrier for your English style house or garden. Picket fence come in various styles such as French Gothic spaced picket, dog ear space picket and pointed top picket. The difference in styles will give you more options to go with your desired designs and needs.

If a country house or ranch is what your house look like, consider a split rail fence. This kind of fence are commonly made of red cedar wood which best suited with the rustic look of your house. It is also weather and insect resistant so you do not need to worry about it being installed outdoor with no protection stain or coating. It usually constructed by setting up cedar logs horizontally between posts into rails. If you want to be more creative with it, you can differentiate the number of rails and cross brace usage to make your wood fences design ideas more interesting. Three, two, and five rails are the common ones for split rail fence.

Wood Fences Ideas Designs

Wood fences design ideas gives you the required privacy and safety for your house. It is usually tall and has panels which are close together to give perfect protection of the space inside the fence. To give extra security, steel bolts are used to join the panels for a sturdier result. Adjust the height of your fence since different house has different regulations regarding fence’s height. Combine it with iron or steel gates for extra care and be creative with paint to enhance its hard design.

Wood Fence Gate Design Ideas

If you want to combine both privacy and aesthetic in your wood fences design ideas, consider lattice work fence. Attach wooden lattice panels with feature diamonds shape openings to fence posts. The openings allow the sunlight and wind to pass through without reducing your safety and security. If you want to be more creative with it, you can have the openings in either horizontal or vertical style and be creative with the shape of the openings. A nice climbing plant can be added to give your wood fences design ideas a more natural look.

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