Boy bedroom furniture is unique

Boy bedroom furniture is radically different from general bedroom decor and most definitely different from a girl’s bedroom. in fact, when you walk into what is specifically designated as a boy’s bedroom, rest assured that you will immediately understand the relevance of boy bedroom furniture and its gender specific appeal. This is not furniture that will appeal to girls of any age but will be aesthetically appealing and appreciated by boys of all shapes, sizes and ages!
So when we say boy bedroom furniture, what exactly is it that we mean? Well, imagine a boy’s room in your head. What springs to mind immediately? A proliferation of blue, for sure, car themed accessories, favorite sports men adorning the wall, sporty themed bed sheets etc.

boy bedroom furniture

A boy’s bedroom should be minimalist and fuss free. The furniture should be clean cut and without frills. Depending on how old your little boy is, choose boy bedroom furniture well. If he is still a little one toddling about, then you can afford to choose cartoon characters – leave out the ones with the princesses and the fairies and make sure the color pink does not creep into the picture! Choose a bed with a headboard that allows you to embed  decal of something that is specifically boy oriented – such as Spongebob Squarepants – who might definitely appeal to little girls too, but the square-pants peg him to be a boy’s preference at the first go! Pick boy bedroom furniture in dark greens, purples, blues for sure and sunny yellow or orange. The bed can be shaped like a car or a tractor and all little boys love bunk beds – so that should be on the top of the list when you go shopping for boy bedroom furniture. A boy’ bedroom should always have a practical desk with a chair – no frills and fancies for the little man of the house! Car, football or dinosaur shaped accessories do tend to find favor with little boys – and some older ones too! Have colorful bins and boxes that you can store away toys in and stack them on simple and clean cut wall mounted shelves.

boy bedroom furniture 1

If the boy is slightly older then buy him a sturdy and no-frills bed which you can then upholster suitably. All boys love bean bags – so get him a couple of those instead of chairs – bean bags in different colors liven up the room and add to its theme. Think of adding aviation themes to the furniture as well to tailor make it for a boy – complete with striped upholstery and wall paper.

boy bedroom furniture 2

Where can you buy boy bedroom furniture? Well a lot of online stores stock furniture designed exclusively for men – you will find quite a number of designs there to choose from and you can also compare and contrast the prices of furniture available. You can customize boy bedroom furniture to suit your child’s needs and you can also buy them from furniture stores in your locality. Only, if you go online, you can probably get great deals and bargains and garner immense savings. You will also find a range of designs and ideas online, which you can put to good use while customizing your boy bedroom furniture.

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