What to consider when buying mobile home furniture

Mobile homes are great fun and a brilliant way to be on the move but mobile home furniture should be carefully bought so as to optimize the space that one has in a mobile home, which is not much. Mobile homes are extremely convenient because you can either live in it or use it only when you are travelling. Either way there is not much space to work with and it is prudent if you optimize the space that you have by investing in space saving furniture, wall mounted furniture and customized furniture.

mobile home furniture

A great idea for mobile homes is furniture that can be folded. Yes, that is right – fold-able chairs, beds, tables that have legs that can be folded, and mattresses that can be folded and stacked against a wall is a great choice for mobile homes. You can even buy a bed which folds up against a wall and can be pulled down to accommodate you when you want to lie down.  Many people also prefer inflatable furniture when it comes to mobile home furniture. These are very convenient simply because all you will need to do is have a pump at hand to blow up a bed, a sofa or a few large cushions,  and deflate it when you need it. For example, if you invest in a fold-able bed, you can buy an inflatable mattress which you then inflate and deflate as and when required. Inflatable furniture is also extremely convenient to store because you can simply wrap up the deflated furniture.

mobile home furniture 1

If you already have furniture that you want to use in a mobile home, then you can still optimize the space by choosing your mobile home furniture wisely. Choose smaller beds, cots, small tables etc. to keep in your mobile home and keep furniture away from the door so as to avoid a cluttered look. You can also remove parts of furniture to create an illusion of space – remove a door from a cupboard and use pretty fabric as a curtain to cover up the interiors etc. Also, whatever accessories you might have – which are necessary and practical like a microwave or a coffee machine, install shelves and wall mount them. This will again, create a sense of space in cramped confines. Avoid buying furniture that is large – overstuffed and bulky couches do not belong in a mobile home – buy an inflatable couch if you must have a large one!

mobile home furniture 2

Mobile home furniture should ideally come with space that has been built into it for storage purposes. One can find mattresses, chairs, couches and seats which can be opened up to keep things within them. To create a sense of space you can also invest in mobile home furniture that is light colored – whites and creams will be good choices for a small space.

Look online for sites which specialize in mobile home furniture – you can find great bargains and deals online. Such furniture is best bought customized, depending on the size of your mobile home and the frequency of your travelling – so keep these factors in mind when you buy mobile home furniture or are thinking of remodeling an existing mobile home.

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